We’re excited to introduce Jude Deveraux, the new featured author of Spa Week Daily’s Book Club. Don’t miss our LIVE CHAT with her later this month!

Jude Deveraux

We are so honored to welcome our new featured author, Jude Deveraux, a critically acclaimed novelist who has seen more than 30 of her books turn into New York Times Bestsellers.

You may know Jude from her popular romance novels that incorporate interesting facets of history and geography. Her latest breakthrough book For All Time will certainly delight readers who love to get lost in the magical towns, multi-faceted characters and ever-evolving plot lines – all signatures of her work.

While the author is now a household name, writing wasn’t always Jude’s plan, and as a child growing up in smalltown Kentucky she never could have imagined the success she’s so far seen.

“I never thought about being a writer. I just had stories running around in my mind and one day decided to write one of them down so it would go away,” Jude told Headline. “I especially love creating the characters, planning the plot, then writing the book to see what happens.”

Jude’s decision to take up a writing role has certainly paid off, and For All Time captures the same old-time romance that readers have fallen for time and again. This book, set in Nantucket, couldn’t be more perfect for summer, and Jude’s loyal fan base will be thrilled to find out what’s in store for the next generation of the Montgomery-Taggerts.

If you haven’t picked up this page-turner yet, click here to read our review. Make sure to finish reading For All Time by August 20thbecause we are chatting LIVE with the author, Jude Deveraux, on Facebook at 3PM EST!

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.