Witch of BelldonnaBronwyn “BitsyWyn” Whalen ran away from her home in Alabama when she was seventeen years old. Fourteen years later, she is living happily with her boyfriend Ben far away in the Northeast. After years no contact with her family, her father calls to tell her that her brother has confessed to the murder of her childhood best friend Charlotte.

Bronwyn finds herself faced with a big decision – continue to bury her past or return home to help her family when they need her most.

She ultimately decides to do go back and is determined to uncover the truth of what happened between her brother and deceased best friend. As Bronwyn fights to find clues and evidence to help her brother’s case, we see her internal struggle to hold onto her independence from years spent alone. That struggle becomes more and more difficult as she spends time with her family in Magnolia Creek, particularly her niece Byrd.

The story alternates perspective between both Bronwyn and Bryd, showing how each girl was changed when Bronwyn made her return to Alabama. Page after page is filled with the two ambling along the path to solve the mystery of Charlotte’s murder.

The Witch of Belladonna Bay is a fun combination of occult fiction and murder mystery. Readers will get lost in the suspense interspersed with occasional romance and poignant examples of family relationships of which everyone can relate.

Melissa Rogers is a guest book reviewer for Spa Week Daily.