Glass KitchenPortia Cutchcart was a Texan born and bred–and never planned to leave. That is, until an unexpected scandal led her to divorce her politician husband, Robert. Luckily, Portia’s aunt had a three story town house in Manhattan, and left one apartment to each Portia and her sisters Olivia and Cordelia in her will. Olivia and Cordelia had long since moved to New York and sold their portion. When Portia is faced with this personal tragedy, she finally realizes it is time to leave Texas and join her sisters in the Big Apple.

When Portia arrives at the Upper West Side apartment she meets her 12-year-old neighbor, Ariel Kane, whose mother recently passed away in a car crash. Her father, Gabriel Kane, moved Ariel and her sister Miranda from their home in New Jersey to Manhattan after their mother’s death for a fresh start for them all. Gabriel wants to buy Portia’s portion of the apartment, but she resists. These two families are eventually bought together but The Knowing, a sort of sixth sense Portia has that she considers both a gift and a curse.  This knowledge, passed down from her grandmother, means that she has a sense of what she needs to cook and when—the only thing missing is the why.

Portia needs a plan to make money in New York, and Ariel has a plan of her own—to get the mother-figure she deserves and help her father at the same time. How the story pans out will warm your heart and make you laugh in this delightful novel.

Portia is an incredible cook, and the food she creates is so vividly imagined that you will no doubt be left hungry. Luckily, recipes are provided! The Glass Kitchen is about what happens when you finally give into yourself and in doing so what you will find out about yourself and those around you. This touching read will leave you satisfied and content, just like a good home cooked meal.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.