Opposite of LonelinessFive days after graduating from Yale and with a job at the New Yorker lined up, Marina Keegan tragically died in a car accident. Her untimely passing sent shockwaves through the New Haven community, and inspired her last essay called “The Opposite of Loneliness” to quickly go viral.

Unable to deny the overwhelming response to Marina’s visceral and moving prose, her parents decided to honor their daughter’s legacy by creating a book of both her fiction and non-fiction essays and stories. The Opposite of Loneliness is achingly relatable, in the way only rare writers are able to achieve, and unflinchingly transports the reader into a time of opportunity and uncertainty.

Marina’s stories explore many themes with wisdom and grace far beyond her years, and her writing is saturated with youth and authenticity. A truly life-changing read, you will find yourself flipping through the pages far too fast, and starting back from the beginning as soon as it ends. The Opposite of Loneliness stands as proof to the fact that Marina was a writer in the truest sense.

Noelle Chehab is the Junior Editor of Spa Week Daily.