18144115Allison Weiss is a mommy blogger living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She has a big, beautiful house, handsome husband Dave and precious daughter, Ellie. From the outside, it looks like she has it all—the certifiably happy ending that most women spend their lives dreaming of.

On the inside, however, things aren’t quite so sunny. Ellie is a sensitive child with certain difficulties, Dave has become more and more distant, and Ellie’s father is facing early on-set Alzheimer’s. On top of it all, Allison has become the main breadwinner of the family with her blog contributions. The constant build-up of pressure is enough to make any woman lose it a little.

After being prescribed pain killers for a back injury, Allison realizes that they do wonders to help her cope with her increasingly difficult life. Reasoning that this was just her way of ‘winding down,’ she was confident that she had everything under control. However as she starts having to call in scripts from doctors on a regular basis, and eventually resorts to ordering painkillers online, it becomes clear to the reader that Allison has a real problem.

Allison’s struggle with addiction and her attempts to overcome it make for a truly remarkable read. This serious situation affects millions of Americans today, yet isn’t discussed as openly as it should be. Weiner sheds a light on the subject and All Fall Down opens the readers eyes to the fact that addiction really can happen to anybody. This heartfelt story, infused with humor, raw emotion and tender moments, will make you fall even more in love with Jennifer Weiner’s storytelling abilities.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.