getting evenOrianna and Ivy are the perfect copywriter and designer duo at a London ad agency. They’ve been partners for years and have closed more accounts together than they can even count. Orianna is more reserved and subtly attractive, and has been long used to playing the submissive role. Ivy, in contrast, is strikingly beautiful with an expensive wardrobe and a sniper-like attitude to boot.

When Orianna starts dating her superior at work, she doesn’t tell Ivy right away. Once the cat is out of the bag, however, Ivy makes no secret of her annoyance that she was kept in the dark. Ivy starts to distrust Orianna and the situation is only made worse when Orianna takes a promotion without her longtime partner and then sticks Ivy with a new (and very junior) replacement.

Ivy feels betrayed and hatches a plan to get revenge on her “so-called friend”. She uses every card in her book to place doubt in Orianna’s mind and make her feel as though her world is falling apart – much the same way Ivy felt. Ivy’s scheme is elaborate and pulls a group of other characters into her web of lies for months on end.

As a fan of Sarah Rayner, her new book did not disappoint. I was engaged by both the storyline and the multi-faceted characters, some of which I recognized from previous novels. While I must admit I was baffled that a grown woman could be so blindly jealous over her so-called friend, it did make for a page-turning experience. Once again, the author proved her unique ability to develop characters that draw out your own inner-emotions.

Melissa Rogers is a guest book reviewer for Spa Week Daily.