Get an exclusive first look at the luxurious Spa Week treatments Ling Spa is showcasing this season!

When it comes to specialty facials, Ling Skin Care Spa is a mecca for the beauty masses. In fact, they’ve even acquired a cult-like following—we kid you not. But it’s not just the fab facials that have spa and wellness worshippers raving about Ling. With a full spa menu and their own skincare line, we decided to show you firsthand the many wonders of Ling.

From October 20th-26th, Ling Skin Care Spa’s Union Square location is offering spa-goers a sampling of their famous treatments for a fraction of the price. Want to reap the benefits of their ultra-relaxing Energy Lift with Tourmaline Gemstone Face Treatment? At just $50, there’s no excuse not to head to and try it today! In case you want more options, check out all three of Ling Spa’s $50 offerings below.

  • Energy Lift Treatment with Tourmaline Gemstone Body Wellness Therapy
  • Signature Décolleté Treatment Including Gentle Peel, Ginseng Mask on Décolleté plus Heated Tourmaline Energy Lift Treatment for Décolleté, Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  • Energy Lift Treatment with Tourmaline Gemstone Face Treatment

Not in the New York City area? There are TONS of Spa Week treatments all across the country! Go to and enter your city or state. Ready, set, relax!


Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

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