We’re excited to announce that New York Times bestseller Nancy Thayer is our Author of the Month this November!


Longtime Nantucket resident Nancy Thayer has brought her hometown to many a bestseller list. Celebrated for beach read staples like Island Girls and Summer Breeze, Thayer has become famous for exploring the nuances of family in her novels. “I believe that families are the heart of the world and the people who love us are our light in the darkness,” Thayer explains. “I’ve explored family in all my novels, because families are endlessly varied and fascinating.”

But it’s not just Thayer’s relatable rendition of interpersonal relationships and family dynamics that have put this Nantucket native on the map. Her masterful portraits of Nantucket and its intimate island culture have had readers spellbound for years. “Nantucket is a small community isolated in the middle of the dark ocean. When the gale force winds blow, our three lighthouses flash their beacons, reminding us that we are a place of shelter, warmth, and safety,” Thayer tells Coastal Living. “The shops are modern, but the streets are cobblestone, the harbor only a few blocks away, and Santa and Mrs. Santa arrive on a Coast Guard boat.”

Indeed, Nantucket’s cozy Christmas setting is at the epicenter of Thayer’s latest novel, An Island Christmas. In this heartwarming holiday tale, friends and family gather on the island for a picture-perfect winter wedding. But, as in all of Thayer’s stories, the tug-of-war that is family affairs lies just beneath the surface.

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Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.