Don’t let the darker days get you down! We’ve scoured the web for the six teas that will whip you into shape during the winter season.


There’s no getting around it—‘tis the season of high stress, sore throats and (everyone’s favorite) the sniffles. Work kicks into high gear before the holidays and the sudden onslaught of cold weather has us hibernating beneath the covers for as long as humanely possible. In short, late autumn can often turn into a time of anxiety and physical fatigue. So what can we do about it? Well, sometimes a little tea can provide more than just a little sympathy.

We’ve rounded up six teas that can help soothe your body and your soul this season.

Chamomile Tea

Our first contender has long been touted as the top tea for relaxation, but do you know why? Its herbal properties help soothe the stomach as well as reduce mild anxiety. The absence of caffeine in chamomile tea will also help calm you down before bed.

Passionflower Tea

Passionflower, which is known to decrease muscle tension and calm nerves, is actually prescribed commercially (in the form of Oxazepam) to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder. But you don’t need a drug to reap the stress-reducing benefits of this healthy herb. Simply add a teaspoon of dried passionflower to a cup of boiling water and you’ll be good to go.

Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants (which are pretty much good for everything), green tea also contains theanine—an amino acid which helps increase relaxation by promoting alpha waves in the brain. Beware of green tea’s subtle caffeine content, however, and opt for the decaffeinated kind.

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm contains terpenes which aid in relaxation. They also act positively against cold sores and have even been shown to enhance long-term memory. Combine them with valerian root, and you have the perfect pairing to protect you against pesky anxiety symptoms.

Lavender Tea

If you’re looking to de-stress, look no further. Lavender is as good for your body as it is beautiful. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender tea is your ally in the battle against bloating. It is also said to lower anxiety levels in women.

Valerian Root Tea

For all you Game of Thrones enthusiasts out there, we’re sorry to say this has nothing to do with Valerian steel (although, we must admit, the name sounds positively medieval). Valerian root possesses sedative properties that will help ensure a good night’s sleep. Don’t drink too much during the day, though, or you’ll end up dragging your feet.


Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

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