Calling all Hot Moms: We want to know why you deserve a spa treatment – and then we’ll treat you to one!


If you’re a mom, you probably often find yourself wishing you had more time to take care of you. Here at Spa Week, we believe that a little bit of rest and relaxation goes a long wayespecially when you have little ones who constantly demand your attention. For that reason, we want to treat deserving moms out there to a day of pampering at a deliciously soothing spa.

Of course, asking you to take time out of your busy day just for the chance to relax is counterproductive, so we’re making it insanely easy to enter. All you have to do is email, and tell us why you deserve a spa treatment! Whether you’ve been nursing a sick child, or slaving away over the stove, no reason is too little to reward!

We’ll pick one deserving mom every week to send to the spa, and then we’ll give you the inside scoop on the pampering experience we treated them to. So what are you waiting for? Start telling us why you deserve a spa treatment, and you could sit back and relax in no time.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

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