This Workout Wednesday, our aches and pains were relieved during a restorative Zen Strength class.


Typically we try out the roughest, toughest workouts each Wednesday, but after channeling our zen at CLAY Health Club + Spa this week, we discovered that there’s certainly something to be said about a more laid back sweat session.

CLAY’s Zen Strength class seamlessly blends yoga, Pilates and strength training to create a unique fitness experience. The workout, suitable for all ages and experience levels, is effective in opening up and lengthening the body, relieving tight joints and stiff muscles that are common during the colder months.

Aside from some seriously powerful stretches, what sets this class apart from the rest is the focus on alignment, which is a hallmark of Iyengar Yoga. Using a foam roller, your balance is put to the test, and your core is forced to compensate for the lack of stability.

While you won’t walk out of this class dripping sweat, you will leave feeling energized and rejuvenated. Muscles like your abs, arms and thighs definitely feel the burn, but the restorative effects are truly what make this class worth trying.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily. 

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