With the impending chilly Thanksgiving weather almost upon us, Hot Mom Dana Vento has the perfect recipe for a toasty appetizer.


Every great Thanksgiving meal starts with an array of mouth-watering appetizers, and this year is no different. With snowflakes making a surprise appearance on weather forecasts everywhere, we knew we needed to find something hot and yummy to start the feast.

Thankfully, we discovered the perfect soup to warm your bellies in preparation for the tasty turkey.  As a bonus, giving guests something to nibble on will keep them happy and out of your way while you put the finishing touches on the main course. Just make sure to ladle up smaller bowls so your friends and family still have a nice appetite left for the banquet ahead.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow because we will be bringing you our Spa Week Thanksgiving Menu, just in time for Thursday’s celebrations. While you’re in the cooking mood, join us on Pinterest for our Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Contest. It’s just another way you could win a spa day on us!

Chicken Soup with Gnocchi

Recipe by Dana Vento of DanaVento.com / @DanaVento



1 cup chopped celery

1 cup chopped carrots

4 tbsp minced garlic

3 cans chicken stock

1 pint whipping cream

1/3 cup margarine

1 container store-bought potato gnocchi

1 container boneless skinless chicken

1 1/2 cups flour


Clean, chop, and place in pot to sweat the veggies – celery, garlic, and carrots, the smaller the better – sweat by adding a small amount of broth and adding lid.

Next, add the chicken. Keep broth minimal and turn chicken as it cooks.

Add water and all the broth that you want.

In a separate pot, cook roux – flour (a few tbsp. at a time while it thickens), whipping cream, and margarine.

Once the soup has cooked (about 1 hour), add the roux and cleaned chicken meat.

Boil gnocchi, rinse, and drain.

Place a ladle full of gnocchi in bowl, and then ladle soup in.

Leah Gay is the Editorial Intern of Spa Week Daily. 

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