With the help of The Hot Mom Squad, we bring you our absolute favorite Thanksgiving dishes of the year.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! After receiving countless, delicious recipes from Hot Moms across the country, we finally narrowed it down to our absolute favorite Thanksgiving dishes for 2014. The competition was fierce, but we know these top five items will make any Thanksgiving menu an unforgettable and tasty experience. Get your ovens and stoves ready, because you’re going to want to cook each and every one of these decadent dishes. Have a wonderful weekend and dig in!


Starting your meal off right is essential when serving a large holiday meal. When we discovered Chicken Soup with Gnocchi by Dana Vento, we knew that this hot dish would warm the bellies of every guest while getting them ready for the main course.


No one is a bigger fan of the turkey tradition than we are, but not everyone shares our love of the big bird. Having a second entree that incorporates another protein will help please everyone at the table. When we received the Pretzel Crusted Chicken with Creamy Honey Mustard Sauce recipe from Daisy Bryce, we knew it would be a delicious addition to our banquets year after year.

Side Dish

Side dishes are often overlooked when focusing on the main course, leaving many Americans scrambling to make unhealthy and fatty trimmings. We knew we had to find a tasty and healthy side dish to please our guests while lightening our cooking loads, and the Redone Mashed Potatoes by Rachael Pontillo are the perfect option. These cauliflower delights are easy to make and will win over any potato lover.


Ending the meal on a high note is key, so finding the perfect dessert is a necessity. While many obsess over pumpkin and sweet potato concoctions, we found a delicious cheesecake that is a little different, but still equally satisfying. The Caramel Banana Pudding Cheesecake by LeTroy Cooke is the perfect creamy, cheesy dessert to top off a fantastic evening.


Serving after-dinner drinks is a great way to continue to relax and converse with your guests, but finding the right concoction can be tricky. Many Americans play holiday music as soon as the leftovers are stowed, so incorporating a red and green drink is fun way to get into the yuletide spirit. Here at Spa Week, we think the Spiced Cranberry Pomagranate Margarita from Carol Jones is the perfect cocktail to sip while digesting the big meal.

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