Pulitzer-prize winning author Elizabeth Strout is the Spa Week’s new Author of the Month!

Author Book Month

This month, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Pulitzer prize-winning author, Elizabeth Strout to Spa Week Daily’s Book Club. With many incredible accomplishments under her belt, including seeing her collection of short stories, Olive Kitteridge come to life in an HBO mini-series, Elizabeth is an author that definitely you want to get to know.

Born in Portland, Maine, the idyllic town that Elizabeth grew up in has inspired the setting for many of her novels, including Olive Kitteridge and The Burgess Boys. Elizabeth has admitted that she decided to be a writer early on, and has always loved immersing herself into the world of fiction.

After graduating from Bates College with a degree in English, Elizabeth went on to earn a law degree and Certificate of Gerontology from Syracuse. The same year, Elizabeth published her first story in New Letters magazine.

Interestingly, Elizabeth pens her novels by hand, a habit that has become nearly extinct in the writer’s world. “Yes, I do write by hand,” Elizabeth told Vulture. “I just think – I don’t know, it’s a physical thing for me. It’s a bodily thing. It literally has to earn its way through my hand.”

Elizabeth’s unique strategy is certainly panning out well, and Spa Week’s Book of the Month, Olive Kitteridge, is evidence as such. The New York Times Bestseller will transport you to the tiny town of Crosby, Maine and is just the story to keep you warm all winter.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily.