From a runny nose to that guttural cough that keeps you up at night, the common cold can be January’s cruelest companion. Here are five effective ways to get rid of it fast!


Nothing says “happy new year” like the return of flu season and the onslaught of a hideous cold. Here at Spa Week, we’ve also fallen victim to the sore throats and sinus infections of the new season and—needless to say—we’re not happy about it!

Curing the common cold, however, is easier said than done. In fact, scientists still haven’t come up with an over-the-counter solution. Sure, antibiotics are the accepted go-to, but, as a wellness company, we know that over-medicating isn’t always the answer. So what’s a sneezing, freezing, feverish human to do? We found five natural ways to help you shake that cold out of your system.

Check them out.


Fighting off a cold is taxing work. Help your body focus its energy on repairing your immune system by resting and taking it easy.


Staying well-hydrated is a key component when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Hot liquids, such as ginger tea, also help relieve nasal congestion and soothe the swollen membranes that line your nose and throat.

Sleep Upright

Sleeping upright may sound strange and uncomfortable, but propping your head up with an extra pillow or two will help drain your nasal passages.

Take Hot Showers

Like hot tea, a steamy shower acts as a natural decongestant to help open up and moisturize your nasal passages. If you’re feeling feverish, the heat from a steamy shower can, ironically enough, help bring your temperature back down to normal.


If you thought the benefits of gargling were an urban myth, think again. Gargling with Listerine or salt dissolved in warm water will moisten your sore throat and provide temporary relief to that pesky tickle.

Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily

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