Our #HappinessIsWellness winner is ready to snap some selfies with her new iPhone 6! Get the scoop on our upcoming giveaways here.



Remember our #HappinessIsWellness Instagram Contest? You know, the one where you snapped a photo of what made you smile for a chance to win a spanking new iPhone 6? Well, prepare to get instantly envious. Our winner, Katherine Neves, will be upping her selfie game this season thanks to a stunning silver smartphone from Spa Week!


Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re telling you this. The iPhone may be off the market, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of prizes waiting to arrive on your door! Share your 2015 wellness resolution with us on Instagram, for instance, for a chance to win an exotic escape to a world-class wellness retreat. If break-through beauty products are more your style, tap into our latest #TransformationTuesday column. Showcasing everything from paraben-free makeup palettes to the coolest cleansing oils, this weekly roundup also features fab product giveaways.

Whatever your preference, watch this space for more creative contests and coveted reader rewards!

Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

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  1. Ashley Shippy

    It’s a shame that this winner won with a stolen photo that didn’t belong to her. I hope you check next time, Spa Week!


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