This Super Bowl Sunday skip the chips and dips, and instead opt for a delicious burger recipe that’s actually healthy!


Typical Super Bowl snacks like chips, dips and wings can derail your diet fast, and the bloated, sickly feeling that accompanies every junk food binge is never justifiable. But what if you could dig into a seriously satisfying snack that’s loaded with flavor instead of calories as you watch the biggest football game of the year?

This Super Bowl Sunday, pay homage to the classic combo of burgers and beers with a healthier spin that’s as guilt-free as it gets. This vegan Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger recipe by the Minimalist Baker is smoky, savory and satisfying, and the texture actually mimics its calorie-laden counterpart. Better yet, ingredients like sweet potato, black beans, walnuts, and brown rice are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that make you look and feel your best.

These Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers are highly versatile, and pair perfectly with creamy and crunchy greens. The Minimalist Baker recommends topping your sweet potato burger with avocado, sprouts and onion for a double dose of deliciousness. To get the full recipe for Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers, visit the

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily.

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