Weak, brittle nails and dried-out cuticles are commonplace during the colder months. Battle the elements with these winter nail repair products.


As we say hello to February, and an onslaught of brutal winter weather, many of you may be noticing that your hands and nails are paying the price. Some common complaints during the colder months include peeling nails that are more prone to chips, parched cuticles and painful hangnails – all of which can be tough to treat.

The main culprit for your less-than-lovely nails this time of year is the harsh, dry weather that zaps moisture from the nails and hands. Nails, just like your skin and hair, require constant nourishment from vitamins to lock in moisture, and bitter conditions lead to a brittle situation.

In order to combat these common nail complaints, it’s important to frequently apply hand creams containing essential oils and nurturing vitamins; and bundling up with gloves and mittens also protects your hands and nails. And while these easy solutions can ease less-serious situations, specialized solutions are necessary in dire instances.

Fortunately, there are many carefully cultivated products on the market that specifically target a variety of mani mishaps. From cuticle quenchers to oxygenizing polishes, you will be surprised that whatever nail no-no you’re experiencing, relief is right around the corner.

Julep’s Oxygen Nail Treatment serves both fashion and function, offering a subtle tint of ivory and pink along with a quick fix for think, weak nails that are peeling and breaking. The oxygen technology allows parched nailbeds to breathe, and in a two-week trial of 100 women, 9 out of 10 people saw positive results. Available for $18 at julep.com.

Deborah Lippmann’s All About That Base CC Base Coat utilizes the same moisturizing benefits of BB Creams for skincare, only applying it to the nails. The CC nail treatment is infused with panthenol, a unique ingredient that moisturizes, strengthens and protects nails, while simultaneously filling ridges and smoothing imperfections. Available for $20 at deborahlippmann.com.

Formula X Erase – AHA Cuticle Cream exfoliates and conditions cuticles, which is essential for silky smooth skin. Because it removes dry, rough skin that surrounds the nailbeds, it reduces damage that can occur during traditional cuticle trimming. It also uses acid peels to improve nail health. Available for $14 at sephora.com.

Nails Inc NailKale – Superfood Base Coat uses the impressive health benefits of kale to treat weakened nails. The revolutionary base coat also contains keratin to harden nails and stimulate growth and hydration, which is imperative to split-proof tips. This base coat also has a high gloss finish, so you can use it as a base coat or a polish for a more natural look. Available for $15 at nailsinc.com.

Perfect Formula Daily Moisture is ideal if you’re braving the winter in frigid temps. It’s created for everyday use to prevent breakages and hangnails. Because it’s non-greasy, you can apply it on the fly, and the odorless formula will interfere with your signature scent. Available for $29 at sephora.com.

Noelle Chehab is the Senior Writer of Spa Week Daily.

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