TRUE Model Management CEO Dale Noelle gives us the scoop on how the nation’s most beautiful defy dry winter skin.


When it comes to gorgeous, glowing skin, no one has more bragging rights than the women whose faces appear on billboards and in fashion magazines. And while we might revere those women for winning the genetic lottery, even models, we’ve learned, need a little help maintaining what their mothers gave them during the cold winter months. So how do the nation’s most beautiful defy the season’s stereotypically dry, chapped skin?

We sat down with TRUE Model Management CEO Dale Noelle to get the inside scoop on how the world’s beauty icons maintain their youthful visage. Here’s what the former fit model and TRUE Model Management founder had to say.

Dale Noelle

For the faces of TRUE Model Management, skincare is all about natural products and great overall self-care. There are four fundamental elements to TRUE models’ skincare routines: cleansing, exfoliating, protecting, moisturizing, and, above all, consistency! “You have to devote time to care for your winter skin and stick with it,”  TRUE model Gillian maintains. Fellow model Anny agrees, revealing that she’s practically religious about her cleansing ritual. “I wash my face twice a day using a paraben-free sea lettuce cleansing milk,” she says.

For a revitalizing exfoliating treatment, TRUE model Aliyah loves a homemade concoction of cinnamon, brown sugar, honey and lemon. Thirty minutes after applying the treatment to her face, neck and chest, she removes it with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Massaging skin with coconut oil and sea salt is another great remedy for removing dead skin cells. Coconut, argan, almond and olive oils are other natural products that lock in moisture. For a homemade rehydrating facemask, TRUE model and wellness expert Dawn Gallagher recommends combining a few tablespoons of oil with a ripe peach.

Always wear sunblock and put a barrier between your skin and moisture-sapping gusts of cold air by keeping your face, neck and hands covered with a scarf, hood, and gloves. Be sure to remove wet articles of clothing, as the damp material can irritate skin and cause it to crack. For areas of skin prone to getting chapped—your lips, feet and hands—apply Vitamin E, shea and cocoa butters. These products act as a natural barrier to dryness and help problem areas retain moisture. For an intensive treatment, apply heavy layers of moisturizing products to hands and feet, and then sleep with cotton gloves and socks on. Moving between cold outdoor air and heated indoor environments can also rob skin of moisture. Many of the TRUE Models use humidifiers to maintain hydrated skin and find it especially beneficial to sleep near one.

However, while there are many topical treatments for dry skin, a truly healthy winter glow comes from within. “Eating plenty of healthy fats from nuts, seeds, and fish is a great way to infuse your body with radiance-boosting oils from the inside out,” TRUE model Gina explains. Staying hydrated is another way to ensure that your skin won’t dry out as easily when temperatures drop. Drinking high PH water all day, every day, is essential to maintaining fresh skin and good health.

Finally, to promote healthy skin year-round, TRUE models value their beauty sleep. Getting 7-8 hours of rest per night keeps you looking youthful and refreshed. Adding a few drops of herbal essential oils like lavender or calendula to your moisturizer at night will help you relax into a restful sleep.

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Dale Noelle was one of the fashion industry’s most successful and sought after fitting models for nearly two decades before she founded TRUE Model Management. During her career as a professional fit model, she worked for almost every mass retailer and major fashion company, as well as designers: Ralph Rucci for Chado, the late Oleg Cassini, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and many more.

Elle Fure is the Editorial Director of Spa Week Daily.

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