As members of the Millennial Generation, we’re well aware that we live in an age of instant gratification. Whether we’re calling an Uber to get to the airport of hosting a ‘Friendsgiving’ with groceries from Fresh Direct, we’re accustomed to the convenience of getting things delivered at our doorstep. And, at the end of the day, what’s really so wrong with that?

When it comes to our beauty needs, however, we know we have no other choice than to brave the elements and face the great outdoors. In fact, we’re prepared to cast off our pajamas and even swipe on some mascara for the sake of a fresh pedicure and ten minutes of pampering. But what if we didn’t have to? What if we could lounge around in our sweatpants while waiting for someone to treat us to a Swedish massage? Well, now we can.

Enter the Soothe app. Currently available in LA, Miami, Austin and other select cities nationwide, the Soothe concept is simple. This iPhone addition sends a certified massage therapist straight to your door! Simply open the app, select your pampering preference and appointment time and voilà—before you know it you’ll find a massage bed conveniently situated on your living room floor!

With a starting rate of $99 per hour, however, Soothe’s at-home offerings don’t come cheap. But considering the convenience (Soothe therapists are available from 9am to midnight every night of the week), we’re willing to maintain our Millennial mindset on this one. After all, there’s nothing more priceless than peace of mind.

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