If you’ve ever attended a Broadway show and watched the actors perform aerial acrobatics with awe (and perhaps a pinch of envy), we have a treat for you. This Workout Wednesday, we took our exercise routine to new heights with a breathtaking new fitness breakthrough:  AntiGravity®AIRBarre.

Founded by Broadway dancer and famed aerial choreographer Christopher Harrison, AIRBarre is taking the innovative workout world by storm. So what is AIRBarre, you wonder? Well, it’s a combination of movements—think plies, releves and pilates-based planks—based on the traditional barre method. And if a blend of ballet barre exercises sounds pretty straightforward, don’t be fooled. There’s also a hammock to factor into the equation!

From tug jumps to “inversions,” it’s no exaggeration to say that we found ourselves swinging from the rafters in this week’s AIRBarre class. And while we were initially apprehensive about letting our limbs fly, we were quickly comforted by the knowledge that the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock is designed to hold up to 1,000 pounds.

Once we overcame our fear, there was no going back. With legs suspended in the hammock, we planked it out, pilates-style. We let our stomach muscles carry us through the air like Superman and, believe it or not, we even broke into back flips. And while we may not have been the most graceful, AIRBarre certainly taught us one thing: In order to fly, you have to let go.

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