In this classic coming of age memoir, main character Kelly Corrigan grows up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her mother, father and two brothers, enjoying a stable, albeit mundane childhood. So it’s no surprise that when she finally reaches post-grad, Kelly is determined to establish her own independence and prove her personal mantra that “things happen when you leave the house.”

With her best friend from college in tow, Kelly sets off to do some serious soul-searching by embarking on a series of world travels. Yet, when the two land in Australia after just a few weeks on the road, they realize they need to get jobs to subsidize their dwindling bank accounts. Both girls ultimately find work as live-in nannies, but Kelly has no idea that her new gig will forever transform her own views on family.

Kelly’s employer, John Tanner, feels somewhat helpless with a four-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter to care for in the wake of his wife’s death.  But, faced with the difficult task of nurturing two young children, Kelly makes it her personal mission to improve their lives in whatever way she can. All the while, from thousands of miles away, she finds comfort in following the guiding voice in her head – which just so happens to be her mother’s.

Kelly ultimately comes to the realization that her mother has been a powerful influence in her life all along. Glitter and Glue is a memoir that will warm your heart on one page and leave you on the verge of tears on the next, and it sheds light on how life experience can reveal what’s truly meaningful and most important.

Glitter and Glue is available in paperback tomorrow, February 17th! Don’t miss out on this page-turning memoir that will warm your heart this winter.