If you found yourself battling the crowds of moviegoers this past weekend, we can’t blame you. In fact, we dragged our reluctant boyfriends out of bed and saddled up right there at the back of the line with ya. Because when it comes to reveling in the forbidden romance between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, how could anyone resist getting roped in?

This Mani Monday, fresh off our Fifty Shades of Grey experience, we wanted to pay tribute to the year’s most seductive trilogy. And what better way to do so than by busting out OPI’s new Fifty Shades of Grey color collection. Celebrating Universal’s latest movie release, this limited edition line includes five sexy shades of gray as well as a fiercely romantic red. From “Cement the Deal” to “Embrace the Gray,” there’s no come-hither hue not accounted for.

Whether you’re partial to the collection’s provocative red or magnetically drawn to the metallic sheen of “My Silk Tie,” we guarantee you’ll instantly surrender to the persuasive power of these six shades. Check out the assortment below and sound off on which is your favorite!

My Silk Tie

Get tied up in this silky, silver polish that’s just as gorgeous as Mr. Grey’s billionaire bod.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

Romantically Involved

You’ll have a long-term relationship with this heavy-hitting hue.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

Dark Side of the Mood

This broody bad boy is the perfect date on dark winter nights.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

Shine for Me

A little glam and sparkle can go a long way in winning you over.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

Cement the Deal

Don’t let this cool gray polish get away.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

Embrace the Gray

Give this mysterious matte hue the warm welcome it’s been waiting for.

($9.50, available at ulta.com)

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