Tune in to our Twitter chat with TULA founder Dr. Roshini Raj at 2PM EST today!

If you want to get to the bottom of how to be happy, healthy and beautiful—now is your chance! This Tuesday, at 2PM EST, we’re taking to Twitter for a live chat with media personality and TULA skincare founder Dr. Roshini Raj.

Ever wondered which foods can help facilitate flawless skin? Or what beauty advice Spa Week’s skincare expert personally swears by? If so, this is your time to find out. We’ve teamed up with wellness guru Dr. Raj (you may recognize her from the Today show) to shed some light on what it takes to lead a balanced, beautiful life on the inside and out.

So how does it work? Simply sign in to your Twitter account between 2-3PM and pose a question using the hashtag #LoveWithin. Ready to get gorgeous? Start inking those inquiries and you could be on the fast track to fabulous skin!

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