A new plastic surgery subscription service is sure to become New York’s best-kept secret.

From gyms to spas, there’s no shortage of elite memberships offered to New Yorkers, but there’s a new club in town that offers far more than your average perks.

Dr. Sonita Sadio is upping the plastic surgery game by offering members-only subscription packages of popular age-defying treatments using Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, and Restylane – starting at $600 a month. While Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics’ services may sound like they’re geared toward the plastic surgery junkie, the concept was actually inspired by a “less is more” approach.

“Over-treating one area of the face is exactly what leads to the weird looks we sometimes see these days,” Dr. Sadio explains. “Some women are having too much of just one type of treatment all at once… and it shows.”

In contrast, Dr. Sadio’s “Future Face” system aims to reject what she calls the piecemeal approach, and instead provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to anti-aging. What makes this club stand out from the competition is its all-inclusive rate, which is far more economical than paying for procedures on an a la carte basis.

Dr. Sadio is well aware that her plastic surgery clientele value discretion, which is why her offices are situated in a quiet, unassuming and unmarked building in the West Village. And with 250 members and counting, Sub Rosa Private Aesthetics’ is sure to become New York’s newest best-kept secret.

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