If you thought drinking eight glasses of water a day was impossible, think again!

You’ve heard it a million times—keeping your body well hydrated is the key to good health. And when it comes to body-boosting liquid consumption, we’re painfully aware that the countless cups of coffee we inhale every day don’t count. No, unfortunately, it’s all about the H20.

Still, no matter how you shake it, chugging the industry-accepted eight cups of day is a tall order for pretty much anyone. And while taking a few swigs from your water bottle is a cinch after a sweaty workout, pouring a glass of water every five minutes isn’t exactly the most exciting proposition. So how do you give your body the nutritious beverage that it needs? These five tips and tricks will put you on the fast track to becoming a water-guzzling machine.

Focus on Flavor

If the blandness of water bugs you, there’s a simple solution. Infuse your beverage with flavor! Steer clear of the artificial flavoring packets found in your local supermarket and opt for natural fruit extracts instead. Sliced cucumbers or squeezed lemon juice are two easy alternatives.

Break out the Bubbly

No, we’re not talking about champagne! If still water strikes you as boring, try some seltzer. With zero calories and none of soda’s toxic sugars, this fizzy favorite will put the fun back in your water-drinking routine.

Bond with Your Water Bottle

When it comes to increasing your water consumption, there’s no better incentive than a ridiculously cute (and reusable!) water bottle. Whether it’s pink and petite, or simply your brand favorite, buying a bottle that you’re proud to break out in public is a sure way to keep your system refreshed on a regular basis.

Spice Up Your Life

This may sound silly, but hear us out. Who doesn’t down a few glasses of water after a spicy meal? Pack your plate with a little red pepper, and we guarantee you’ll be best friends with that water pitcher before you know it.

Eat Your H20

If you’re having a hard time hitting your daily quota of H20, don’t despair. Did you know that water-rich foods can help keep you hydrated as well? Celery, cucumbers and melon are a few great alternatives to that elusive eighth glass.

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