This Transformation Tuesday, we discovered Fountain food supplements, which offer some impressive beauty-boosting benefits. 

With the latest controversy surrounding popular herbal supplements at GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens, health enthusiasts are understandably wary to support their diets with mainstream vitamins. So this #TransformationTuesday, a safe and effective nutrient alternative specifically designed to offer beauty boosting benefits was a welcomed discovery.

Fountain has taken the beauty world by storm with its forward-thinking food supplements since its launch in August 2013. Touted as a beauty supplement that offers water-soluble, highly-bioavailable forms of proven health and beauty nutrients, Fountain is a far cry from your average vitamin. In fact, it isn’t a vitamin at all.

Like its name implies, Fountain food supplements come in an easy-to-ingest liquid, which can be added to a tasty beverage or thrown back like a shot. You can add a teaspoon of The Beauty Molecule to your morning green machine smoothie or mix a few drops of The Hyaluronic Molecule into fruit-infused water, which makes incorporating this supplement into your routine a no-brainer.

With 10 carefully-created varieties to choose from, Fountain has something for everyone.  Since the products boast a wide-array of coveted elixirs like collagen, Resveratrol and Vitamin B12, these Cosmopolitan-approved supplements are a must-try. As always, make sure you join us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and share, like or comment on our #TransformationTuesday post for your chance to win all the incredible products you see below!



The Beauty Molecule – Perhaps one of Fountain’s most beloved products, this formula is packed with a high concentration of Resveratrol, which may sound familiar because it’s the heart-healthy component found in red wine. Each teaspoon serving contains a whopping 26,000 red grapes, delivering strong antioxidants to the system that fight free-radicals and promote normal cell division. This product boasts the first-ever water-soluble Resveratrol in a water matrix delivery system, ensuring that it is properly absorbed for maximum beauty benefits. Available at


The Hyaluronic Molecule – Designed to keep your skin looking plump and happy from the inside out, this Fountain supplement contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is in an anti-inflammatory, hydrating compound that’s found in the skin, joints, eyes and brain. The Hyaluronic Molecule also contains Xylitol, which contributes to gum health and promises to be free of all artificial colors and flavors. Available at


The Energy Molecule – Containing a “super-super-charged” concentration of Vitamin B12, just one teaspoon gives you 80,000 percent of your recommended daily intake. We suggest mixing it into a glass of organic orange juice before you work up a sweat, as the serving also contains 100mg of muscle-building creatine. Because of the unbeatable combination of vitamins and nutrients, (and no artificial colors or flavors) this formula provides sustainable and long-lasting energy, while also contributing to a healthy metabolism. Available at


The Phyto-Collagen Molecule – Hydrolysed collagen, wild phytoplankton, L-Glutathione and Foundation’s Hyaluronic Acid matrix are all heavy-hitters in this youth-inducing formula. The Phyto-Collagen Molecule also contains small peptides of low molecular weight that promote optimal absorption into the body. The wild phytoplankton is a powerhouse ingredient, as it contains over 65 nutritional properties like amino acids, essential fats and key minerals that enable cell regeneration and anti-aging healing. Available at

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    • Noelle Chehab
      Noelle Chehab

      We’re glad you liked them, Laura! They’re definitely worth trying 🙂

  1. Krystal

    I’ve used beauty supplements before and had great results! Love that the entire line is devoted to this! Thanks for sharing!


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