Mac lovers rejoice! #AppleLive just announced that they’ll be releasing a GOLD MacBook Pro on April 10th.

Upon hearing news of the gilded addition to the MacBook Pro family, we couldn’t contain our delight. We’re huge fans of all things glittery and gold so until we can get our manicured hands on the most decadent laptop in Apple’s lineup we’ll just have to settle for amping up our beauty routines with gilded beauty goods. From haircare to skincare, there is no shortage of glitzy and glamorous items on the market today so we’ve put together a list of our 4 favorite beauty products inspired by our favorite precious metal.

Hair- From the makers of our favorite dry shampoo, it’s no surprise that this leave-in conditioner ranks high on our list of must-haves. This lightweight spray boasts major moisturizing power. And that’s not all, it also leaves behind a fabulous sparkle.  It seems all that glitters really is gold. Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Conditioner available at

Skincare- Nothing is more relaxing than an anti-aging mask…now just add 24K gold and you’ve got the most luxurious at-home product ever. This mask lifts and firms skin like never before to produce a gorgeous youthful glow. This treatment will leave you looking like a million bucks in no time. 24K Gold Mask available at

Nails- Nothing is more fun than a glittery manicure, and this golden polish has the ideal amount of sparkle to give your nails the perfect gilded look. FormulaX Lusters in ‘Bond, Ionic Bond’ available at

Makeup- When Urban Decay dubbed this eyeliner “24/7” they weren’t joking around. We’ve tried many different eye pencils and have yet to find a product with as much staying power as this. Even better, the gorgeous glimmering gold hue adds the perfect pop to any nightime look.  24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in ‘Goldmine’ available at

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