Shopping for beauty products can be overwhelming. With so many products at our fingertips and so many reviews and advertisements to sift through, it feels impossible to stay on top of the best and freshest new brands and formulas. That’s what drove friends Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp to create Birchbox, a subscription beauty service that will turn beauty shopping into an occasion you look forward to every month.


This spring, we’re super excited to be teaming up with Spa Week’ Exclusive Beauty Sponsor Birchbox for a giveaway that will spruce up your year— and your beauty arsenal. The winner of our giveaway will receive a one-year Birchbox subscription! Read on to find out more about this well-loved service and how to win twelve months of pretty packages full of the best goodies the beauty world has to offer.

Each month, Birchbox subscribers receive a lovely package in the mail: A chic box containing a curated collection of five beauty, grooming or lifestyle product samples. The Birchbox team assembles each box from a monthly pool of cult brands, new and buzz-worthy beauty lines, and other delights. Lucky recipients of 2015’s March Box, for example, enjoyed choices pulled from a range of over a hundred widely-reviewed products including Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush, ORIGINS Smarty Plants Skin Complexion Corrector, Skin&Co Roma Sicilian Body Lotion, and Davines Ol Shampoo. And that’s just to name a few. Birchbox collections can even be personalized to suit individual beauty and grooming profiles, so subscribers can receive products tailor-picked according to their interests and tastes.

But the best thing about Birchbox might just be the excitement of getting a fresh batch of the best products to try out every month, packed in a giftable box that feels like a present from a friend with awesome taste. The box itself is super cute, designed to feel upscale and fun at the same time. And Birchbox isn’t just for ladies — men can also subscribe for a monthly fix of grooming and lifestyle products curated with fellows in mind.

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