It’s true what they say, that you’ll never forget your first time. I left spin class at Peloton sweaty, out of breath and completely satisfied. 

Prior to this week I was too intimidated to sign up for a spin class. I assumed that since I am not super athletic or even slightly knowledgeable about cycling I would look foolish and embarrass myself. Which I did, multiple times. But the great thing about Peloton is that although I had no idea what I was doing, everyone was so nice and helpful there was no reason to feel self-conscious about my lack of spinning prowess.

Sure, I needed help putting on my shoes, getting my shoes locked into my bike pedals and later getting them out, but I didn’t get even the slightest hint of side eye from anyone and everyone seemed genuinely happy to help me out.

The first thing I noticed about Peloton’s Chelsea flagship was its spacious lounge that was filled with people hanging out, drinking coffee and grabbing complimentary bottles of water before heading into class. Once I was decked out in my workout gear and had locked up my belongings in their impressive spa-like locker room I headed into the studio and got ready to ride, still unsure of what exactly to expect.

I officially drank the Koolaid when the lights turned down and the music started pumping. The mix of trainer Lisa Niren’s enthusiasm, the club music, and colorful spotlights made it seem like I was getting into some weekend debauchery instead of working on my fitness on a rainy Tuesday night. It felt fun and exciting, like nothing I’ve ever experienced at the gym.

By the time class ended it was clear to me why people love spinning. Consider this newbie hooked.

Head over to Peloton to check out their class schedule and sign yourself up for a ride. You won’t regret it!

What’s the best workout class you’ve ever taken? Tell us in the comments section below!





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