Cure your St. Patrick’s Day hangover with Reviv Wellness IV Infusions.

St. Patrick’s Day ranks as the fourth most popular drinking day of the year, so it’s no surprise that along with the Irish-style celebration comes the likely scenario of a next-day hangover. But what if you could recover from a night filled with beer and greasy fare without spending the following day recuperating in bed?

Enter Reviv Wellness, a revolutionary company that aims to deliver health-boosting nutrients, stomach-settling medications and everything in between. The catch is that it’s all delivered by IV.

“We believe that our concept is the future of wellness, helping to make people feel better and more productive,” says Reviv Wellness CEO Johnny Parvani, MD. “Applying innovative Western medicine to an Eastern philosophy of balance, REVIV helps restore equilibrium through vitamin-infused intravenous (IV) drips to combat and treat the effects of dehydration, strenuous physical activity, aging, sunburns, common colds, fatigue and other factors.”

While Reviv’s Board Certified Physicians’ initial inspiration behind the company was treating jet-lagged and hung-over clientele, it’s since expanded to address a variety of wellness needs.

“Our infusions are divided into wellness infusions and recovery infusions,” explains Parvani. “The wellness infusions are the Hydromax, Vitaglow and Megaboost and they contain only vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals. These treatments are specially designed to help hydrate, restore balance, boost the immune system, flush out toxins and help prevent illnesses.”

The recovery infusions, dubbed Ultraviv and Royal Flush, likewise contain vitamins, but are also combined with medications that treat a range of maladies like nausea, acid reflux, body aches, inflammation and headaches.

Another popular offering at Reviv Wellness, which has locations in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, New York City, and London to name a few, is the B-12 Energy Booster Shot. Vegetarians, the elderly and people with chronic illness are frequently deficient in B-12, and because it’s not easily absorbed through oral supplements, the shots are particularly beneficial.

“Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, meaning if too much is administered it just gets excreted,” says Parvani. “In contrast, intramuscular injections provide a depot effect, providing a slow sustained release into the blood stream that perpetuates the supplementation of vitamins.”

With more than 40 years of combined clinical experience, Reviv has an impeccable health and safety record that supports its mission to spread wellness to the masses. IV Infusions start at $99, while you can score an Energy Booster Shots for as low as $29. To learn more about Reviv Wellness and to try a treatment this St. Patrick’s Day, visit

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