You know Birkenstock sandals, but how about Birkenstock bags and beds? Check out how Birks are branching out!

Are you ready to get Birkenstocked? We’re talking way more than sandals. In the latest style issue of The New Yorker, Birkenstock exec Oliver Reichert announced his plans to expand beyond footwear and into more comfort-centric products like bags, chairs, and even mattresses. “We Birkenstocked Doc Martens,” American Birkenstock exec David Kahan told the mag. “We Birkenstocked a motorcycle boot.” Now, it seems, it’s time to Birkenstock the world.

Color us intrigued! Birkenstock’s earthy, comfort-first aesthetic may not be for everyone, but there’s no question that Birk signatures like the two-strap Arizona sandal offer a level of quality and coziness that’s hard to resist. Why confine those qualities to a shoe? If wearing a pair of Birks feels like walking on air, imagine the soothing weight of a soft leather Birkenstock bag on your shoulder, or the plush, dreamy contours of a perfectly constructed Birkenstock mattress. We have to say, we’re feeling this!

It wouldn’t be the first time Birkenstock broke the mold. The brand raised a ruckus last fall with a shearling-lined version of the Arizona sandal. Yes, that’s right: A fur-lined sandal. Cozy? No doubt. Chic? Your call. Either way, the unlikely concoction was a hit, perhaps partly in thanks to Céline’s 2012 Paris collection, which featured mink-lined Arizona-inspired sandals that fashion mags soon dubbed “Furkenstocks.”

Considering the current boom in “ugly-chic” and normcore trends, it’s no surprise that Birkenstocks are on the rise again. After all, as fashion assistant Emma Morrison told Vogue in 2013, “There’s nothing better than a really pretty dress with an ugly shoe.” We know droves of hipsters would agree. (Note: My mother does not.) Birkenstock will be rolling out new closed-toe shoe designs this fall, including the aforementioned combat boots, along with a selection of running shoes and booties sure to delight Birk lovers ’round the world.

Shoes aside, the bag and furniture prospect has us dying of curiosity and we can’t wait to see them roll out. Birkenstock’s chunky footwear styles may not be for everyone, but with the brand’s reputation for top-notch quality and comfort, Reichert’s plans for bags and furniture are a promising prospect. Pass on the fur-lined sandals if you must, but a Birkenstock bed? We dare you to resist.

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