An aromatherapy massage and sauna session at this Brooklyn gem will have you refreshed and ready for spring! 

It was the first day of spring when I set out for Rosa Beauty Spa in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, but New York was in the throes of a little snowstorm. Good thing I was headed for an hour-long aromatherapy massage followed by a sauna session, one of several $50 treatments Rosa is offering through Spa Week. What better way to spend what would hopefully be the last snowy evening of the season?

Rosa Beauty Spa is a pretty, calming second-story space above the intersection of 86th Street and 25th Avenue. The owner herself greeted me cheerfully from the front desk; behind her, crisp silver lettering spelled the name of the spa across a cool lavender accent wall. Rosa offered me a choice of water or tea as I gave up my coat, and I sat down to warm up for a moment before enjoying my treatment. After changing into a white terry robe, I was led to a gently lit room for a soothing aromatherapy massage. Rosa takes a hands-on approach to training her staff, making sure their technique and style provides a consistent standard guests can count on, no matter who they book a treatment with.

For my aromatherapy massage I was offered a choice of lavender or Rosa Beauty Spa Offers Calming Treatments for Mind & Bodyrose oil. I chose lavender, but for those who’d like to enjoy the massage and sauna package without the aromatherapy, an unscented cream is available. After my massage, I headed for the sauna, where I kicked back in the cozy wood chamber with a pile of magazines while my pores enjoyed a nice long glow. When I was all finished, I in the lobby, I browsed the selection of Dermologica products on display, which the staff are well prepared to recommend.

A massage practitioner for over twelve years, Rosa opened Rosa Beauty Spa in June of 2013 and has grown a loyal following of customers who come from as far as Staten Island and New Jersey for massages, facials and sauna sessions. Facials are a booming business for Rosa in the summer, with many customers depending on this lovely spa to relieve the skin stresses that come with the muggy season. You can browse the full range of services at Rosa Beauty Spa’s website.

By the time I stepped back into the snowy street after my Spa Week treatment at Rosa Beauty Spa, I felt calmed, cleansed and ready for spring. Stop by this lovely Brooklyn oasis when you need a dose of relaxation. For this year’s Spa Week, Rosa Beauty Spa is offering a special selection of $50 treatments including aromatherapy, massage, sauna sessions and facials. Book your $50 treatment at Rosa Beauty Spa now!

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