I’m 26 years old and I get Botox injections. Let me tell you about it.

When I told the CEO of Spa Week I had gotten Botox over the weekend, she looked at me in disbelief. “You’re 26!” she exclaimed. “Why would you get Botox?” The reaction didn’t surprise me. Slightly horrified would be the best way to describe the general response I received from friends and co-workers when I presented my newly line-free forehead.

Let it be known that I really did have fine lines on my forehead prior to getting Botox injections. For years those little lines had me kicking myself for choosing tans over sunscreen growing up. They made me feel self-conscious enough to sport bangs from time to time, which is not a good look for me, trust. I was perfectly happy to say goodbye to those hangups, and within 48 hours of the injections, Botox worked like magic to vanish my bothersome fine lines.

Look, I am not advocating that other twenty-somethings rush to get their own Botox injections. There are plenty of other non-invasive treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. I just think that in 2015, there shouldn’t be such a stigma around this magical little procedure, and I’m not embarrassed to admit I use it. I feel more confident without those pesky little lines, so why not indulge every few months? Especially now that I know using Botox to get rid of lines actually decreases my chances of developing deep wrinkles down the road. In my opinion, that’s a win-win situation.

I had been wanting to try Botox for years, so when I went to Orchid Aesthetics to review their Ultrasound Cavitation and saw that they were offering Botox for $10 per unit during Spa Week instead of the usual price of $18, I jumped at the chance to give it a try.

Before getting the injections, Dr. Roxana Kerns took the time to explain how Botox works and go over any questions or concerns I might have. Here’s the gist: Botox, or Botulinum toxins, are a type of purified protein. The tiny injections work by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles in targeted areas, which reduces their movement. This decreased muscle activity reduces the appearance of moderate to severe lines.

After going over all the details, Dr. Kerns made sure I had not taken any pain medication like Advil or Tylenol before coming in. These can thin your blood and increase the likelihood of bleeding at the injection site. We also discussed my medical history and all current medications and vitamins I was taking so that she could assess whether or not I was a good candidate for the procedure. After getting the green light, I signed a waiver and hopped on the table. I’ll admit that I was a little nervous (no one’s a fan of needles) but I was also excited at the thought of erasing those annoying little lines that have nagged at my self-esteem for years.

To get started, Dr. Kerns asked me to furrow my brow before she went in with a quick injection. The needle she used was super tiny, so it really wasn’t painful at all. I had been worried about the pain factor because it seems like every time one of Bravo’s Real Housewives gets Botox, they behave as if it’s some big dramatic event shrieking and carrying on.

It’s not.

My entire treatment consisted of just a few quick pokes to inject 10 units of Botox, followed by an ice pack gently applied to my forehead. Over the next 48 hours, I continued to be impressed by the results as each fine line gradually disappeared. Now that the Botox has fully taken effect I’m very happy with the results, which should last anywhere from three to four months.

Head over to Spa Week to book one of Orchid Aesthetic’s three listed $50 treatments. Their Botox deal is not listed on the Spa Week website, but you can call Orchid to ask about it at 212-595-1958.



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