Get spa810’s luxurious beauty and wellness treatments for just $50 this Spa Week!

Summer’s on the way, and spa810 wants you to be ready. The Arizona-based spa chain is prepared to spruce you up from head to toe with high-tech luxury treatments including skin tightening, peel treatments and laser hair removal. Even better, spa810 is celebrating Spa Week by offering a selection of its most popular services for just $50 each! Facing bikini season has never been so easy.

Visitors to spa810 enjoy a bright spectrum of wellness and beauty treatments, and the best is on display this Spa Week. We’ll start from the top: spa810’s Dermaplaning Facial uses specialized equipment to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin development with immediate results and no down time. For customers looking to firm up their figures, spa810 offers the NIR Skin Tightening treatment, which uses light-based Soprano XL Near-Infrared technology to boost collagen and skin firmness.

Whether you plan to strut your stuff in a bikini this summer or not, it’s hard to downplay the glories of laser hair removal. At spa810, spa technicians use the highly acclaimed Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatment. Not only does spa810’s laser of choice offer a virtually pain-free experience, but it’s specially designed to handle skin and hair types where others fail. If you have dark or tanned skin, very sensitive skin, or fine, light hair, spa810’s laser hair removal services might be a game changer.

This Spa Week, spa810 is offering special $50 deals on these treatments at two Arizona locations: Esplanade and North Scottsdale. Spa Week kicks off on April 13, so book now to get ahead of the pack and score the best appointments for your schedule. Check out spa810’s Spa Week deals here, or head to the spa810 website for a full list of services available at all of their locations.

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