What would you do with the time you’d save over the course of your life if you didn’t have to shave, wax, or pluck unwanted hair?

I’ve been running around New York City trying heaps of different treatments so I can review them for our lovely Spa Week Daily readers. It’s been a wild ride full of amazing treatments and talented wellness specialists, and Amna and Jennifer at Spark Laser were two of the most informative and friendly people I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

This Spa Week, Spark Laser is offering laser hair removal for just $50 on your choice of the following areas: bikini line, full face, underarms, sideburns, upper lip, or chin.

They’re also sweetening the deal by exclusively offering Spa Week clients a very generous 50% discount on a pack of five treatments, which is the typical amount it takes to reduce hair growth by 85-90%. When I went in for my treatment, I chose to target my underarms. After the 50% discount, the five-pack of underarm sessions costs just $387. Adios, razors!

Here’s what you can expect at Laser Spark laser hair removal. Prior to your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with clear cut instructions on how to prepare for your laser treatment:

“Before all Laser appointments please be sure to refrain from sun exposure two weeks prior to your appointment. Antiobiotics and other medications that may make you photosensitive to the laser cannot be taken two weeks prior to your appointment. Accutane cannot be taken six months before any laser appointment and Spark Laser Center will also need to be provided with a doctor’s note. We cannot treat any skin that has existing artificial tanners (spray tanning). No waxing, depilatories, or tweezing 6 weeks prior to your appointment.”

Once you get to Spark, your session will start with a 15-minute consultation. During this time, a technician will describe the treatment and answer any questions you might have. When I spoke with Jennifer, she explained that five to six treatments rid 85-90% of hair in the targeted area. She also told me that they use the latest in laser technology, the Candela GentleMax, which delivers the best results and offers a more gentle experience.

Spark is one of the only spas in the city who offer complimentary touch-ups between sessions. This means if you get home and notice they’ve accidentally missed a spot, you can come back within two weeks to get the problem fixed at no cost!

I’d never had laser hair removal before but I had heard that it can be a bit painful. I braced myself a bit when we got started but I was pleasantly surprised: The process wasn’t actually very painful, and each underarm was done in a minute or two. The best way I can describe the way it felt was like a little rubber band being snapped quickly and repeatedly against your skin.

After my first round of treatment was finished, I picked up a package of five laser hair removal treatments for 50% off to ensure that I can kick underarm razor burn to the curb!

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