Awww! That’s the sound that filled the Spa Week office as we read the entries to Friday’s BFF Giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Last week we offered up a pair of Shea Moisture Lip Crayons and a “Little Besties” temporary tattoo from Tattly, then asked you to like, follow and tag your best friend with a compliment. As soon as the first comments started rolling in on Facebook and Instagram, we knew this would be a tough one to judge, But we finally picked a winner!


Congratulations to Jerresa H., along with her bestie Kamilah S.! Both hit us up on Facebook with hearfelt odes to their long-lived friendship.

“Kamilah S., my best friend since kindergarten!” Jerresa wrote. “My knick knack paddy wack! I love her so much. Her drive and determination are so inspiring. She has a special needs son, my handsome nephew Christian. She is the best mother he could have! He has a full time job but she still manages to help others and pursue her doctorate! I am super duper proud of her. I don’t think there are any words to say how much she means to me.”

Inspiring! Even better, Kamilah S. was already on the ball with her own adorable message to Jerresa: “Jerresa has been my best friend literally since kindergarten. What I love best about her is that she has ALWAYS been there for me even when I moved away for college 10 hours away. She tells you what you want to know, don’t want to know, and need to know without any filter! She’s the best sister a friend could choose to have!”

Jerresa’s reply had us laughing out loud: “Now you know I’m a G and I can’t be crying like this! I love you and thanks so much for those kind words!”

Say it with us: Awww! We can barely handle this bestie love. We hope Jerresa has fun splitting her new lip crayons and friendship tattoo with Kamilah — send us the selfie!

Here are some more responses from Instagram and Facebook that had us in Awww overload:

@krazy.kb on Instagram: @jamielnevill is the best friend I could ever ask for! She has been there for me through thick and thin, crazy times and boring times, all while being a great mommy to her two wonderful kiddos.

Erin D.R. on Facebook: Because Nichole H. and I have been unique, unparalleled and genuine since the day we met 20 years ago flying through the halls of our high school 🙂

@toofacedandfit on Instagram: thank you sissy!!! You are truly my bestie as well, we go through so many things at the same time even apart from our kids and just being stay at home moms! You keep me going because I know that I’m not alone @11veebee11

Heather H. on Facebook: Christine D. – she’s plain awesome, what more of a reason do I need? 🙂

We wish we could hand out prizes to everyone who tagged a bestie in this giveaway, but it’s nice to start our Monday with so much friendship in the air. Why wait for the next special occasion? Say something sweet to your BFF today! Thanks to all those who entered to win, and be sure to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more pop-up giveaways. Rock on, besties!

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