Get ready for Spring with a rejuvenating Papaya Honey Facial from New York Ayurveda.

In honor of Spa Week, our editorial team has had the very tough job of testing out loads of relaxing $50 treatments. Since I had actually never experienced the luxury of a professional facial, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to test out the Papaya Honey Facial with Extractions at New York Ayurveda. With no idea of what to expect and an eagerness to try something new, I headed up to this cozy Chelsea spa.

When you first step into the serene waiting area of New York Ayurveda, you instantly forget that the bustling New York City streets are just below you. I was quickly ushered into a private treatment room where I laid on a comfortable heated massage table. Then my make up came off and the fun began. First, moist cotton pads were placed on my eyes. At first, I was nervous at the thought of not being able to see what someone was about to do to my face, but I quickly drifted into a state of tranquility thanks to the gentle music and my esthetician Nisha’s soft touch.

My skin can be a bit tricky, so when I was told that all of the ingredients at New York Ayurveda are completely natural, I was immediately relieved. The papaya smelled amazing making it the perfect rejuvenation for spring and the clarifying properties of honey added just what I needed to start out the new season. I had never had extractions before, so I was nervous about the pain they might cause. But luckily, Nisha’s skilled hands cleared out tons of gunk quickly with minimal discomfort. And as if the facial wasn’t enough, I was given a fantastic shoulder, arm and hand massage while the mask set. After this fantastic experience I can definitely say that I am now a facial girl!

Want to soak up the luxury like I did? You’re in luck! You can book this treatment, as well as an Ayurvedic massage with Silk Glove Exfoliation and an Aloe Vera Detox Massage and Body Wrap, each for just $50 each during Spa Week.

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