You know that moment when you go to take a photo on your phone, but it’s accidentally in selfie mode, and you recoil in horror from the unflattering angle at which your chin looks like it ate four other chins? Yeah, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Orchid Aesthetics’ Ultrasound Cavitation treatment is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and it works — immediately. I tried it on my chin, and now I have a jawline!

Prior to my visit to Orchid Aesthetics I had never heard of Ultrasound Cavitation. All I knew was that it promised to visibly reduce my double chin after one treatment and didn’t involve slicing me up. While some might hear about the procedure and be skeptical about the promised results, my thoughts were: Sign me up now.

Spoiler alert: it actually works!

Ultrasound Cavitation allows ultrasound waves to penetrate deep under the skin to shrink fat cells and release fatty acids. The painless procedure can take inches off your belly, thighs, arms, hips, and visibly reduce your neck and chin area. The best part is that you can see results after your first session and over the next two weeks you continue to see improvement.

Dr. Roxana Kerns walked me through the treatment and explained how it would work, then applied a small amount of ultrasound gel under my chin and around my neck. She told me that because the ultrasound would be used in these sensitive areas it would be pretty noisy, and to let her know if I needed a break during the 18-30 minute session.

After snapping a set of “before” pics, she turned on the machine and went to work, running the probe around my chin, focusing on certain areas.

When the machine was turned on and pressed to my skin it sounded like small forceful helicopters were swirling around my head, which made me laugh. The doctor explained that patients find the procedure more uncomfortable when performed on their chin and neck area because of the noisiness. Though patients can hear the ultrasound when it is used on their hips, stomach, or thighs, it’s not as loud as the procedure I chose.

Honestly, I didn’t find the procedure to be too uncomfortable, but Dr. Kerns gave me a few breaks to drink some water just in case.

After the ultrasound was done, I was taken to stand on a black machine called a Vibration Platform. This machine has various uses in both the fitness and medical communities. In this instance it was being used for lymphatic drainage to clear out excess toxins and fatty acids that had been loosened up during the ultrasound portion of the treatment.

When the machine turned it began to vibrate and shake at various levels. This wasn’t uncomfortable at all, just different than anything I’ve ever experienced.

The procedure as a whole made me think to myself, “Ah, the things I do for beauty!” But as silly as it seems to use an ultrasound and vibration platform to rid oneself of a double chin, it’s actually amazing what the medical community has been able to dream up as alternatives for going under the knife, and for that I am grateful!

In just 40 minutes, after the entire treatment was finished my double chin was noticeably smaller and I was very happy with the results.

Next stop: Botox.

Head over to Spa Week to book your Ultrasound Cavitation with Orchid Aesthetics and check out my experience getting Botox from Dr. Kerns at Orchid Aesthetics here!

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