For yesterday’s #TransformationTuesday giveaway, we went all out for Coachella with a music festival-themed giveaway to help you rock out in style. You responded on Facebook and Instagram by tagging your most music-loving friends and even sharing some of your personal favorite music memories. And now the results are in! Drumroll, please…

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Congratulations, Lisa M. B.! Spa Week editors loved your tale of independence and musical bonding. It definitely goes to show you should never be afraid to get out there and adventure on your own. You never know who you might meet or what experience you’ll stumble into!

“I didn’t know anyone when I first went away to college in 2003. But there was a concert that I really wanted to attend about 3 hours away. I also didn’t have a ticket, but I thought I’d go anyway and see if anyone was selling one. I drove there and found some scalpers behind the venue. I ended up having to wait with them while someone with a ticket showed up. I can’t remember why they didn’t have one, but it was November in Buffalo, so freezing cold outside. I finally got a ticket and went inside. I saw the show and afterwards went out into the lobby. I was tired and wanted to sit down on the floor against the wall for a second before I started to drive all the way back to school. While sitting there one of the side doors, to I don’t know where, opened. Out walks the drummer of the band I just saw and loved. He went completely unnoticed and walked straight over to me. We started chatting and two other fans walked over. We were invited out back to meet the rest of the band. It was a great experience and the fans that I met that night, 12 years ago, are still great friends. We had so many adventures on the road together following this band to various shows. They were a huge part of my college experience, even if they didn’t even go to the same school. It was such a great night.”

We hope our #TransformationTuesday Coachella prizes get you in the mood for more new adventures. Have fun with all your new products and make sure to tag us in any selfies!

Spa Week Readers’ Best Music Memories

There can only be one winner, but there were so many classic responses. We had a blast watching you connect with your music-loving friends on Instagram, and especially reading your stories as they rolled in on Facebook. Check out some of our favorites, and be sure to stay tuned for the next #TransformationTuesday giveaway!

Lisa V. represented her home state with a flash from her fashion past:

I’m a Jersey girl so I’ll say my first Bon Jovi concert! My big hair could have really used Dry Bar Detox!”

Tony C. took us back a couple of decades with a cute story about one of the best TV theme songs of all time:

“Soooo many, but I have a recording of my daughter when she was 3 and myself singing Love & Marriage…the theme song from Married With Children. So cute, I treasure it! :)”

Sarah K. shared a cool story about finding a community on the music-themed cruise vacation, Jam Cruise:

I went on Jam Cruise by myself when I was 20, unsure what to expect. My random roommate that I found through the Jam Cruise forum online ended up being best friends with one of my favorite bands. I got to hang out with artists and production people all week, and found myself a community I feel myself with always. Now when I go to shows, I randomly see people from Jam Cruise and am accepted wholeheartedly. This was one of the most defining moments in my life — discovering community along with great music.”

Susan V. S. got the ultimate diva surprise:

“I went to Vegas to work at a conference, but received tickets to see Cher perform. As she was singing, I heard what I thought was a tape of Bette Midler and suddenly she came out; then shortly after, Diana Ross was singing and out she came! It turned out to be Cher’s b.d. and they came to surprise her! She was surprised, but I was beyond thrilled! Thanks #TransformationTuesday for the great flashback memory!”

Lina C. made us super jealous (RIP, MCA!)

“Beastie Boys in concert is one of the top five experiences in my life, and I don’t expect that to ever change.”

Maureen H. had a total music movie moment! We hope there’s video.

I used to jam with a band once in a blue moon and one night they were the entertainment for a dinner I was at. When the called me on stage, everyone’s mouths dropped. My friends had no idea…and the set went off without a hitch!! It was awesome!! #TransformationTuesday

Alex A. had us cracking up. Who would ban Britney?

“The memory that makes me laugh most is when my parents would ground me from my Britney Spears CDs because they thought she was a bad influence on my behavior.”

Melissa S., nothing lame about it.

“It’s so lame but amazing at once… My first concert. It was the Spice girls, my 13th birthday, and it was the greatest thing ever!”

Laurie N. K., not a moment too soon! How is she holding up? We’re glad she got to see them all together!

“Bringing my 8-year-old daughter to see One Direction and her thanking me for an EPIC night. #TransformationTuesday

This is just a small sample of the amazing responses we got. Check out the posts on Facebook and Instagram to read them all, and stick with us for more fun topics and great giveaways on Spa Week’s social media!

Will you be attending any concerts or music festivals this year? 

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