What the heck are peptides? We asked Cohen Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa to explain the science behind their trendy $50 Spa Week treatment, the Peptide Infusion Lift.

Do you need a peptide infusion? This Spa Week, Cohen Plastic Surgery and the Medical Spa Of Brian D. Cohen, M.D., F.A.C.S. are offering a cutting-edge treatment based on one of the most buzzed-about beauty topics of 2015: Peptides. Here at Spa Week we’ve been seeing peptide-packed products popping up all over the place, but frankly, we still hadn’t figured out what the word really meant. So when we heard Cohen Plastic Surgery is offering a Peptide Infusion Lift for the Face for just $50 this spring, we figured it was our chance to get the lowdown on this beauty buzzword.

So what are peptides, what is the Peptide Infusion Lift, and what can they do for your face? We reached out to Dr. Cohen himself to get the lowdown on this intriguing new Spa Week service. Dr. Cohen explained that peptides are natural molecules that help keep our skin toned and taut by boosting collagen.

“Peptides break collagen down from beneath the skin and prompt it to rebuild itself new and fresh,” Dr. Cohen says. As you get older, of course, your peptide power starts to fade. That’s where special peptide infusion treatments come in.

The Peptide Infusion Lift for the Face is essentially a super-powered facial designed to harness the power of these collagen-boosting molecules to rejuvenate your skin. “It leaves the skin toned and taut,” Dr. Cohen explains, “so you get skin like you had back in your twenties.”

The peptide facial starts with an exfoliating treatment that goes much deeper than anything you can accomplish at home. “We do this with a special exfoliating hand-piece,” Dr. Cohen says, “And then a glycolic peel that we specially formulate so there’s no downtime, redness or peeling. After we neutralize the peel, we leave the peptide on to dry.”

The result is clean, bright, tight skin that gives you the feeling of having a mini facelift without the surgery or downtime. Basically, the only side effect of the Peptide Infusion Lift for the Face is a gorgeous, tight glow! Plus, due to the fact that collagen takes about 30 days to regenerate you’ll continue to see results for weeks.

We have to say, we’re intrigued. Peptides have been on our radar for months, so we’re beyond excited to include this special treatment in this spring’s Spa Week. Especially considering the discount: This cutting-edge treatment normally costs $300! Don’t miss out on the chance to try it out for just $50 from April 13-19. Head over to Spa Week and book your peptide infusion now!

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