During Spa Week Manhattan’s Skintology is offering their Specialty Facial with Extractions for just $50, which means the whole treatment will cater to your specific skin type, making it super personalized and highly effective.

When I went in for my facial appointment at SkintologyI was impressed by how knowledgeable my esthetician Christina was on all things skincare. She was very thorough as she took some time to assess my skin and ask me about my skincare routine. After that, she talked with me about my skin and explained the products and techniques she would be using to help eliminate my problem areas.

As she cleansed my face and applied a mask, Christina told me that one of the best things anyone can do for their skin is to eat a nutritious and balanced diet. She even suggested a few small meal additions that can really enhance your skin this spring, like bringing some of the season’s yummiest fruits to your plate.

Blueberries are great for boosting skin because they’re filled with antioxidants. Kiwi and pomegranate are also highly important because they contain a lot of Vitamin C, which helps hydrate and brighten skin.

After my personalized facial at Skintology, I didn’t just feel more knowledgeable skincare, my skin looked bright and even with nice glow from all the different personalized steps Christina had taken throughout my treatment.

During my facial, I received a very relaxing face and neck massage, two different masks, an eye treatment, and painless extractions. This course was mapped out due to my skin type and each facial routine will vary!

If you feel like your skin could use some a personalized love this spring, head over to  Spa Week to book your $50 Skintology facial now. You can also check out the other Spa Week deals Skintology is offering for just $50, like their Brightening Acne Treatment or their Custom Peel for Targeted Skin Concern and Laser Hair Removal Session for Full Face or Bikini Line.

Which Skintology treatment sounds enticing to you? 

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