This Workout Wednesday we tried the Vixen Workout, a hip-hop cardio class with a lot of heart and sass.

“We swirl. We booty clap. We surfbort” promises Vixen Workout’s website. As someone with no experience or knowledge of any of those moves, I was more than a little nervous when I walked into one of Vixen’s weeknight cardio hip-hop classes.

From the moment the music struck, was clear that many of the women around me were full-fledged members of the Vixen Army who had attended many classes before. These were the women who knew all the moves and could execute them perfectly while singing along to the rap and hip-hop remixes.

Regardless of skill level, every single person in the class looked fierce in the dimly lit pink and purple studio. As the class really started to pick up, I was in awe at how much fun everyone was having. And this class offers an intense workout! Participants can expect to burn upwards of 600 calories per session. But you wouldn’t know how hard everyone was working just by looking, because everyone was having a great time sweating, dancing, and singing together.

By the end of the class I was pleasantly surprised by the overall feminist tone that was palpable in the room. This was in large part thanks to Vixen Workout founder Janet Jones, whose goal in creating this class was to provide a fun and fearless workout class just for women.

Jones started her professional dance career as a Miami Heat Dancer in 2000. For the next seven years, her career steadily picked up steam as she began dancing during live stage performances, award shows, and music tours. She also appeared in videos for various hip-hop, Latin, and pop stars.

In 2008 she left the dance world in search of some stability, and she found herself spending almost four years in a corporate job. After getting laid off in 2012 Jones opened a dance studio where she taught children. She knew she wanted to add adult fitness classes to her schedule, but she wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to go in. Then, after a night out with girlfriends, she had a lightbulb moment. Her inspired idea? To give women a safe haven where they could get a little rebellious in a judgement-free zone, while getting in shape in the process.

If you ask me, Jones has gone above and beyond her mission of creating a workout where women can feel safe and have fun without feeling self-conscious. At the end of the class, she encouraged the Vixen Army to make time to uplift the women in their lives and she explained the importance of empowering one another.

Vixen Workout offers a much more than just hip-hop cardio. There’s a lot of heart and soul behind all that booty shaking!

Head over to Vixen Workout’s site to sign up for a class and join the Vixen Army!

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