This Spa Week, Chicago’s Kate Marie Skin & Wax Boutique is offering their Customized Organic Facial with Aromatherapy for just $50.

Spa Week is almost here, and for those of us battling the Windy City streets of Chicago, spa treatments are a must as spring approaches. During Spa Week, Kate Marie Skin & Wax Boutique in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago will offer three $50 treatment options. I recently popped into Kate’s for her Customized Organic Facial with Aromatherapy, and it was an amazing experience, especially for a first-timer like me! After a quick cup of complimentary tea and a brief discussion of my specific skincare goals, we got started.

Once in the treatment room, I got cozy right away on a heated massage table (yes, it’s still cold in chi-town!). Kate expertly walked me through each step of the facial, making me feel extra comfortable by letting me know what was going on while I relaxed under a light eucalyptus and lemon steam. Each step of the process – makeup removal, cleansing and exfoliating – felt more luxurious than the last. She also nailed all of the little things that make a spa experience extra-fabulous – a beautiful, spotless treatment room, perfect lighting, the timely use of aromatherapy, and an endless supply of hot towels replaced at precisely the right moments.

Kate knows how to listen to her clients to help them develop a skin regimen tailored to their personal needs. Eminence Organics, the organic skin care line Kate uses and sells, felt amazingly crisp and fresh on my skin (special shout out to the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, a rice-based exfoliant gentle enough for daily use and all skin types, which is actually in powder form), and her passion for organic products inspired me to rethink my own beauty regimen. Best of all, I came out of my appointment understanding a lot more about the way my skin reacts to different products and environments.

The final portion of the hour-long session included two masque treatments and a heavenly face, neck and shoulder massage by Kate. During Spa Week, Kate will also offer an Express Facial with Microdermabrasion Treatment and Package of Two Brazilian Wax Sessions (To Be Used Within Six Weeks of Each Other). Needless to say, I’ll be back!

Head to Spa Week to book a Customized Organic Facial with Aromatherapy at Kate Marie Skin & Wax Boutique!

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