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We have a winner! For this week’s #TransformationTuesday Red Door giveaway, we’ve been seeing red in the best possible way thanks to this amazing collection of Red Door Spa products. Like so many of you, we have a special place in our hearts for this classic brand, which was founded by the legendary Elizabeth Arden.

A true beauty connoisseur and savvy businesswoman, Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa in 1910. Guests who stepped through that iconic red door must have felt like they were stepping into the future of beauty. And they were! At that point in time, makeup was still thought of as “bad girls only,” associated with lower-class women and ladies of the night.

But Elizabeth Arden changed all of that almost single-handedly. Through her Red Door spas and clever marketing campaigns, she showed the world how cosmetics, perfumes, and beauty treatments can help everyday women look and feel their best. Soon enough, that red door became a symbol of a new era in cosmetics and the spa lifestyle. Generations later, women are still flocking to Red Door Spas across the United States!

Here at Spa Week, we’re obviously super inspired by Elizabeth Arden and everything Red Door Spa stands for. So for this Red Door giveaway, we asked you to tell us about a woman who inspires you. Which brings us to our winner!


Congratulations to Michelle K., who used our Red Door giveaway to give a shout-out to a special friend:

“Wanda G. M. is the person that inspires me to be a better “me” with ALL that she does each day for the precious animals they take in & care for. She & her loving husband Doug M. run a no kill shelter called The Second Chance Shelter in Boaz Al. They sacrifice a lot of themselves for these babies and make this world a MUCH better place to live!!!

I wish we had more people that had HUGE compassionate hearts like them!!! She & Doug are my TRUE heroes and I thank God for them both!! I pray that God will bless them for making a HUGE difference in this world starting years ago of taking in a liter of puppies into hundreds & hundreds more! I thank you both with ALL my heart!!! GOD BLESS YOU WANDA & DOUG!!!”

We hope you enjoy your Red Door Spa products, Michelle, and give our warmest regards to Wanda!

There can only be one winner, but we were dazzled by the hundreds and hundreds of responses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s great to know there are so many women out there who are making differences in the lives around them! Here are some of our Red Door giveaway runners up.

Mothers and Grandmothers

Molly S.:

My dad’s girlfriend of 10+ years who has been like a stepmother to me. She has always welcomed my sister and I, as well as any of our friends. Now, she is battling stage 4 lung cancer and doing so with grace and courage, trying to stay strong to fight. She definitely inspires me.

Marianne M.:

My grandmother who passed away almost 10 years ago. She was a nature lover, huge heart that can fit everybody in this world! I feel her close to me every time that I face generous and kindness actions from those around me.

Angela M.:

My mother inspires me. She is one of those rare souls, a piece of light in a dim world. Shine on mom…..And when I think of red door I think of my Grandmother (this is her Signature fragrance). Happy Birthday to mom and Happy mothers day to all (a little early) Have a great day…ThanksSpa Week.and keep smiling!

Inspiring Daughters 

Annmarie D. W.:

The YOUNG woman who inspires me the most is my teenage daughter! She’s an excellent student, a member of her school’s architecture club and on her high school swim team, practicing year-round, and in her ‘spare time’ loves to bake! She juggles everything with such grace, stays motivated & positive. She inspires me to keep motivated to achieve whatever dreams I can dream!

Tiffany W.:

My birth daughter, Brooke J. P. She is an amazing wife, mother, youth pastor, (tireless) community and church organizer and mission worker. She changes lives daily with her selfless actions and motivates others as a true champion for the underdog. She always does what is right and what is good and it is a true honor to know her. I was blessed to have met her 2 years ago and she has graciously allowed me a window into her life. She is a genuine inspiration and I love her dearly

Connie W. W.:

My Daughter. She put herself through college while working three jobs. Now she is finishing up with her Masters. I’m so proud of her determination and accountability. She’s just as beautiful inside as she is outside. I just her giving heart.

Friends and Neighbors


I am inspired by a lovely lady named Alicia, who is a ray of sunshine in the life of everyone she encounters. She is caring and thoughtful, despite her personal trials and tribulations. She is a devoted wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt… a loyal and industrious employee… and dependable volunteer who gives from her heart and soul. I wish we could all be a little more like Alicia.

Billi I.:

As a nurse, I’m inspired by great women all the time. There’s one in particular, however, who continues to inspire me daily. Not only does she teach me new things regularly, she’s also proven to be a great friend. She’s also a very loving and attentive mother who does it all on her own, making sure her son is well-rounded, makes good grades, and has a good time. Here’s to you, Jennifer M! #TransformationTuesday #red

Steven E.: 

My girlfriend inspires me. She never complains. gets seizures. She also had a tumor removed from her head and bounced right back, give this woman so much credit.

Famous Figures

Latisha B.:

My mom does inspire me a lot…. But today I’m going to choose this random Instagram account I follow: @Stasia2point0. She’s on this awesome weight loss journey and she’s so positive. I have followed this stranger only for a few weeks and she doesn’t know it, but I question foods I put in my mouth now and push myself to be more active. If she can, I can kind of thing. I know. Random. But that’s me

Elicia G.:

J.K. Rowling. She was a low income single mom, like myself, who followed her passion, worked hard, and became a huge success.

Sarah M. H.:

Elizabeth Arden 😉

Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s #TransformationTuesday giveaway. Be sure to stay in touch with Spa Week on social media for more lively discussions and luxurious prizes! 

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