KUR Skin Lab is one of Manhattan’s newest skin and body care boutiques, it’s off to a brilliant start.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into KUR was the deeply calming atmosphere of the space. Despite being located at the bustling intersection of 3rd and 53rd in Midtown East, KUR Skin Lab offers guests a pristine, soothing atmosphere made even more peaceful by soundproof walls. Along with the beautiful decor, KUR had me feeling like I was sneaking into a hidden oasis far from the noise and smog of the city.

During my time at the spa I received a Swedish Massage. The holistic service provides deep relaxation, decreased muscular tension, and reduced anxiety — three things I am always very much in need of. The technique used for the 60 minute treatment is very hands-on and provides a total-body experience. My masseuse used various stroking, sliding, kneading, and tapping techniques to enhance my circulation and soothe my sore muscles.

During the session I was impressed with how those soundproof walls protected me from the usual noises of the city, a truly impressive feat in the City That Never Sleeps (or Shuts Up). The only sounds I heard during my visit were the friendly voices of the staff greeting me upon entering the spa and the tranquil music playing quietly during my massage.

KUR Skin Lab may be brand new, but owner and founder Kevin Oh is an expert in the high-end spa industry. Needless to say, he has high standards, which are reflected in the quality of KUR’s estheticians and its facilities.

When I spoke to Oh I learned that the name KUR translates to “cure,” “remedy” or “treatment” in several European languages. And that is exactly what this spa offers. The list of services at KUR includes facials, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal, restorative bodyworks, and massage therapy.

KUR Skin Lab is a great spot for people on the go, who can stop by for a luxury treatment that will leave them feeling like they spent the whole day at the spa. What this spa has to offer will be irresistible to city spa-goers, and I have no doubt that when people find out about this hidden gem, appointments will start filling up fast.

Stay ahead of the curve by trying out one of KUR Skin Lab’s $50 Spa Week offerings. Listed below are the three high-end treatments they’re offering at a fraction of the cost:

Ideal Therapeutic Massage with Choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre-natal Massage or Reflexology Massage

KUR Customized Facial with Double Cleanse, Extractions, High-Frequency Treatment and ultrasound therapy to enhance skin-specific corrective serums penetration. 

Acne Control Facial Treatment Targeting Skin Concern: Customized Treatment Add-On’s may Include Chemical Peel, Retinoid Enhancements or Serums Infusion depending on skin type and conditions.

Head over to Spa Week to book your appointment before Manhattan’s newest best kept secret hits the mainstream!

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