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Dear readers: You are hilarious. This weekend we celebrated National Sibling Day by offering a special Burt’s Bees giveaway featuring not one, but two sets of products from the Burt’s Bees Radiance line for one lucky winner and a sibling. To find a winner, we asked you to comment on social media and tag a sibling (or sibling-in-spirit) with your best “Remember when.”

We were dying laughing as we read all of your hilarious stories of the fun, feuds, and pranks you shared with your brothers and sisters growing up. There were almost too many great responses to choose from, but alas! There can only be one winner!




@nowaksta remember when i set boobie traps downstairs so that we could catch E.T while we were sleeping? Then I went downstairs early morning and trashed the place and you though E.T actually came LMAO

Congratulations, Kristen (@krisha4444)! Enjoy sharing your Burt’s Bees goodies with @nowatska, and don’t forget to check your alien traps before bed.

Runners Up

Check out some of our favorite runner-up responses, and be sure to follow us on social media for a chance to win our next giveaway!



@meikaduminy remember when you were 6 and you shaved your legs, & @zeanneduminy & I told you that if you shave your legs too young you would get a disease called “fleckles” where you would get permanent brown spots all over your legs? And then that night while you were sleeping we snuck into your room and drew brown spots all over your legs with a khoki and you woke up the next morning and didn’t want to tell anyone that you had fleckles because you had shaved your legs too young? SORRYYYYYYY!!!


@blue.moon.river remember when we tried to make scones,but we added 2 cups of water instead of 2 tbsp of water and spent half an hour adding more flour and panicking and dancing around the kitchen to Nicki minaj??? they actually turned out okay!


Hey sister @theknottedpineapple remember when I got in trouble for laughing when you ran into that glass wall at the mall! luv you!


@jasminemehta remember when we rode an elephant in India and Ruchi almost got us thrown off by trying to free the other elephant?


@cathyspinelli24 remember when you were in beauty school and you wanted to give me a trim on my hair and you messed up so much that you made my long hair a short Bob that made me unrecognizable the next day even to my best Theresa… I can laugh back than not so much …..anyway love u xoxo



Kelly J. C.

Remember when, Julie F. I cut your bangs the first time and was in the middle of having that epic nervous breakdown? I am sure glad you came back and gave me another chance to cut your hair and we became friends. You are such a true friend.

Bobbie P.

Only child here! It may sound odd, but my sister-in-spirit is my Mom because we go out once a week and have fun together! Faye W…..remember when we used to watch Star Trek and you would lose your mind over Captain Kirk? lol

Mary G.

Hey Krysta A. M. Remember when we were the only two people at The Lord of the Rings exhibit and we got to pretend we were in Middle Earth?



@vinessavasquez You letting me embrace your pregnancies through my infertility are by far the best memories.


@X10Cris  Remember how I spell EVERYTHING wrong on my grocery list-Still getting made fun of years later 4 it!


I remember when my sis stood by me as I got married, & now I will do the same for her in July! @NURSEshan85


@momwgravesdzz Remember when u waxed my arm & couldn’t stop laughing as I shouted from the pain!


Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s giveaway. Be sure to stay in touch with Spa Week on social media for more lively discussions and luxurious prizes!


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