Get a bikini-ready bod with these model workout tips from TRUE Model Management CEO Dale Noelle.

Spring has sprung and bikini season is just around the corner, but don’t panic! Seasonal changes — especially this one — can put a strain on your fitness plans, but they don’t have to. This year, we’re bringing you a treasure trove of insider tips that will help you face summer with confidence. Read on to find out how top models freshen up their fitness routines as the seasons change!

Model Workout Tip #1: Think of Workouts as Appointments

With warm weather on the way, people are emerging from hibernation and social calendars can fill up and interfere with regular workouts. The first guideline a good model implements to keep training on point during the spring is to plan workouts and treat them like mandatory appointments, just like castings. You can also use a workout log or journal to track your progress and note how your body is responding to different modifications to your routine. This can be educational and highly rewarding to see your progress and you get fitter.

Model Workout Tip #2: Spring Clean Your Gym Routine

People often rely on the comfort of a fixed routine to stay committed to their fitness regimen during the cold, winter months. As you start waking your body up for the warm weather months, examine your approach to fitness and make sure you’re not stuck in a rut. It’s important to cover all of your bases (and body parts!) Use the rotation of legs, arms, abs, whole body, and long cardio as a 4-day framework. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio with each workout. Abdominal muscles are resilient and can be worked every day if desired. Be sure to vary the exercises, repetitions, weights, and durations to keep your body primed for performance. Take a rest day every 2-3 workouts to give your body a break and prevent injury.

Model Workout Tip #3: Focus on Legs

Since hemlines tend to get shorter during the warmer months, hit leg day hard in your workout rotation! Walking lunges are a great way to get your lower half tightened up and your pulse elevated. Squats, calf raises, and reverse kick-backs are all good exercises that can be done with your bodyweight alone, or with weights, to enhance your butt and legs. Adduction and abduction moves, like interior and posterior leg raises prevent injury and make sure that your hips and joints stay toned and limber.

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