BodyLab is a research-based line of health and fitness formulas designed specifically for a woman’s body. Founded by Jennifer Lopez, the line features plant-based compounds that assist in burning excess body fat by speeding up metabolism and boosting energy. The brand goes above and beyond the call of your typical fitness formula line thanks to their approach to the holistic lifestyle. Not only does BodyLab offer up a free online community that gives women everything they need to achieve their fitness goals, but they’re also launching an app so that women on-the-go can have easy access to their workout tips, recipes, and expert advice.

In short, it’s a system designed to guarantee successful results.

I tried out BodyLab’s 7 Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit because I wanted to put J. Lo’s latest venture to the test get a head start on my spring fitness goals. The kit promised a detoxifying cleanse, and it was designed for women who are at the start of their weight loss regimen.

Initially, I was intimidated by the three-part system, which instructs users to take four pills in the morning and four at night. That seemed like a lot of pills to me, but I decided to give it a shot.

Within the kit are three sets of pills, each a different color (purple, orange, and pink) and each designed for very specific purposes. For seven days, I gulped down two “triple process detox and cleanse” pills every AM and PM, along with two “thermodynamic total burn” supplements. Once the piles of pills were down, I was feeling super energetic and, for lack of a better word, perky. I moved on to step three: probiotics!

Lovely readers, do yourselves a favor and take probiotics.They will change your life. They are good for you. They will make your body happy. More on probiotics here.

Overall, I felt the 7 Day Ultra Fast Slim Kick was exactly what I needed to put my fitness plan into motion. Not only did it leave me a bit smaller around the waist, but BodyLab’s interactive site hooked me up with loads of healthy recipes and tips from fitness gurus, making me more motivated to get into gear and stick to my new healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about BodyLab or to scoop up some of their delicious recipes head over to their site.


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