How do you transition your skincare routine from winter to spring and summer? TRUE Model Management CEO Dale Noelle has some powerful tips and tricks! 

Skin takes a beating during the winter. As the temperature rises and clothing layers come off, it’s a good time to make sure you are treating your skin right. Models work year-round to maintain a flawless complexion, but during seasonal transitions, there are five tried-and-true ways to keep your skin looking stellar. Thanks to TRUE Model Management CEO Dale Noelle, we’re sharing them all here! Check out Noelle’s best advice for creating the perfect skincare routine to transition from winter to spring — and get the scoop on what products you should adopt or drop this season.

1. Purge your Products

Most of us hold onto skincare products much longer than we should. It’s hard to throw away products before they’re empty, but using these products past their prime wreaks havoc on your skin. Be sure to include a purge of these products in your Spring Cleaning. Look out for expiration dates, and discard any products that are visibly dry, crusty, or discolored. Anything that has a noticeable change in odor or consistency should be thrown out immediately. Any products containing SPF should be discarded after one year, and high-use cosmetics like mascara, which also can affect the health of your skin, should also be tossed every 3 months.

2. Wash your Brushes

Most people, including models, use their make-up brushes daily. Think about how many contaminants could be living in those bristles! The transition to spring is a great time to clean your brushes by lathering them up with warm water and a gentle cleanser, rinsing them, and leaving them upright in the sun to dry, which helps destroy bacteria.

3. Spring Cleaning

Keeping skin clean and free of impurities is essential to any skin care routine. After the abuse your skin receives from arctic winter temperatures, be sure to use a gentle cleanser that isn’t robbing your skin of valuable moisture — especially since the air can still be dry during the transition season.

Exfoliating treatments go a step beyond cleansing, removing the dead skin cells and polishing skin to leave it brighter and revitalized. Look for products that are free of Parabens, as these tiny scrubbers are harmful to the environment. Products that are packed with natural ingredients such as citrus extract and fruits like pumpkin, jojoba, and aloe are easy to find and great for achieving a healthy, earth-friendly glow.

4. Revamp your Moisturizer

Because of the changing weather, your skin will respond differently to moisturizer than it did during the colder months. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid, as they will deliver maximum moisture and protection without being overly heavy. A change of season can also deliver skin conditions such as pattern dryness, particularly around the knees, elbows and knuckles. Carry cocoa butter or other deep moisturizing products with you to stay soft and supple all over.

Of course, be sure to look for products with SPF protection now that the days (and the window for potential exposure to harmful rays) are getting longer.

The transition to spring is a great time to test out serums! Serums are light and fast absorbing, enhancing your moisturizer while delivering deep softness and repair. Apply your serum to clean skin before moisturizing for the best results.

5. Indulge in a Seasonal Treatment

Periodic treatments, such as a professional facial or masks applied at home, help boost your skin’s radiance. Model and beauty guru Dawn Gallagher suggests the following DIY facial mask: mash together one banana, one cucumber, a tablespoon of honey, half a lemon, and a few drops of lavender and spread it on your face for 30 minutes for a natural, homemade, cost effective and soothing treatment that will leave you glowing and petal soft.

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